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BIRDSiVIDEO of the Triad (NC) Announces Partnership

BIRDSiVIDEO of the Triad, LLC and Stratton Inspections, LLC have partnered to introduce aerial drone technology to certified commercial home inspections in the greater Piedmont Triad area. BIRDSiVIDEO of the Triad is a franchise of BIRDSiVIDEO headquartered in Carmel, IN. They were founded in 2014 to provide drone services across multiple industries throughout the United […]

A Drone Pilot’s Checklist For Flying A Drone Videography Project

Drones are shifting the landscape of what is possible in videography. Shots that once would have required a helicopter or a crane can now be replicated with relatively inexpensive, off-the-shelf technology. The possibilities are groundbreaking for film makers, news crews, real estate videographers, and many others. Establishing drone videography services represent important business opportunities for […]

Your Time In The Sky

Flying a drone is exciting. Whooshing through the sky has been a desire of man since Icarus, but sheer excitement is typically met with nervousness in new pilots.   This feeling gets compounded once you’re on a job. Drone service providers are faced with a wide range of possibilities once we’re on a shoot, so […]

A Flight is Worth A Thousand Words

So You Want To Be A Drone Pilot – Part 2   Photographers and cinematographers alike take time to set up the perfect shot. The lighting has to be just right, the subject needs to be in just the right place, and then…click! Onto the next shot.  That’s not exactly how it works in the […]

So You Want To Be A Drone Pilot – Part 1

Here at BIRDSiVIDEO, we’re always looking for ways to evolve not just your industry, but ours as well. The success of UAV services depend on the quality, quantity, and maturity of drone pilots; both professionals and hobbyists. To this end, our blog (hey, you found it!) will be sharing recent industry and BIRDSiVIDEO news, but […]



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