BIRDSiVIDEO of the Triad (NC) Announces Partnership

BIRDSiVIDEO of the Triad (NC) Announces Partnership

BIRDSiVIDEO of the Triad, LLC and Stratton Inspections, LLC have partnered to introduce aerial drone technology to certified commercial home inspections in the greater Piedmont Triad area.

BIRDSiVIDEO of the Triad is a franchise of BIRDSiVIDEO headquartered in Carmel, IN. They were founded in 2014 to provide drone services across multiple industries throughout the United States for aerial inspections of cell tower, wind turbine, oil refinery, dams, commercial facades and more.

BIRDSiVIDEO combines drone-specific software with professional pilots to provide crop analysis, yield estimation and variable rate applications in agriculture as well.

Stratton Inspections, LLC is a home and commercial inspection company founded in 2016 by Stergios Stratton and headquartered in Clemmons, NC.

Roger Armstrong, franchise owner and operator of BIRDSiVIDEO of the Triad, believes the new partnership is just one example of how drones are helping local businesses evolve for the better. “Roof inspections and drones are a great fit,” said Armstrong. “Today’s drones are safer and more efficient than the methods many inspectors are currently using to inspect roofs every day across the state. Not only that, but the 20 megapixel product quality ensures that no inspector needs to ever set foot on a roof again!”

Roger Armstrong is the owner/operator of BIRDSiVIDEO of the Triad, NC

As the first partnership of its kind in the area, BIRDSiVIDEO is poised to eliminate the common pitfalls home inspectors have faced for decades  before drone professionals had adapted to their industry.

Previous practices of walking on roofs that were accessible (and limited visual inspection on those that were not) were cumbersome at best, and life-threatening at worst. With the advent of drone work as a service industry, there has been considerably less risk to person, property, and product with commercial roof inspections.

Stergios Stratton, owner of Stratton Inspections, LLC is excited about this newest evolution of the inspection industry. “Using drones for roof inspection is a growing practice in the industry to provide a higher quality and more thorough inspection,” Stergios said. “It makes this partnership a natural fit. We can focus on the inside of the house for quality inspections while BIRDSiVIDEO captures all the necessary images of the roof that will be used to finalize the inspection.”

“We want to provide better inspections in North Carolina. With BIRDSiVIDEO, we’re doing just that.”

Read more about this exciting partnership in the Triad Business Journal.

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