So You Want To Be A Drone Pilot (Part 3)

So You Want To Be A Drone Pilot (Part 3)

For most stereotypical jobs, if you want a position, you send in your resume. For jobs in media production, your resume is replaced with something called a “demo reel.”

A demo reel is a video presentation designed to show off your talent to potential clients. A visual resume, if you will. The idea is that prospective clients can see for themselves what you’re capable of based on a sample video of footage provided.

Reels should highlight your best work, and in the case of drone services, they should also be a sampling of the jobs you are most capable of producing. They typically run between 60-120 seconds, and are edited as a montage of possibilities.

If you specialize in more than one or two industries, consider creating a separate reel for each industry.
Check out our video above demonstrating a basic drone demo reel in agriculture.

It’s imperative to plant that seed now and start thinking about footage you can use both in and outside of the jobs you get. Demo reels are better than resumes in that you can show, not tell, what you can do. You’ll be able to literally put footage in front of someone’s face and get them thinking about how they can use your services.

Demo reels of drone services are incredibly shareable on social media, too.

As you hone your talents and complete more jobs, think about how you can create the best reel for your area. The goods news is that what would normally take years to beef up in a resume only takes a few months in the world of drone demo reels.

What would the potential clients in your location want to see most in your reels?

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