Your Time In The Sky

Your Time In The Sky

Flying a drone is exciting. Whooshing through the sky has been a desire of man since Icarus, but sheer excitement is typically met with nervousness in new pilots.


This feeling gets compounded once you’re on a job. Drone service providers are faced with a wide range of possibilities once we’re on a shoot, so when on site to capture footage/data for a client, nerves tend to escalate. “I have to get this shot.” “I need to make sure I follow FAA guidelines.” “I can’t mess up!” The stakes are higher, so new pilots can forget crucial details of a flight beyond their necessities.

But if you only think about what’s necessary, you’re not thinking about what’s best for you or your client.

Anytime you’re in the sky, you have the potential to grab an interesting, exciting, or otherwise noteworthy shot. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a construction monitoring job, flying a dronedeploy route, or just practicing out in a field; once you’re up in the sky, your “wow” potential has begun.

So, how do we take advantage of this?

First, we relax. If you’ve done your homework and capture like a professional, you’ll be fine.
Second, we look at our footage as both products and promotions.

We’re in the business of imaging, and images are meant for an audience. Not every client is going to want their shots shared, and some will simply want all of the raw footage unedited for themselves. But for every second you’re in the sky, you’re capturing something of note that has the chance to catch the more eyes.

Start brainstorming different applications for footage you’ve captured beyond simple deliverables. With all of the extra footage you’ll have on your hard-drives, what could you throw together to share to both curious onlookers and prospective clients? In addition to still images, why not offer short video loops of your drone footage from the shoot via your or your client’s social networks?

We’ll have a “viral video potential” post coming soon to discuss how our industry is ripe for video promotion, but until then, start training your brain to see jobs for more than a single deliverable.

Video loops, stills, and other bite-sized footage you can muster from your time spent in the sky is primed to share on social media, websites, or even in email blasts or press releases.

Don’t send unused footage to the virtual graveyard.

Every shot is worth something.

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