A Flight is Worth A Thousand Words

A Flight is Worth A Thousand Words

So You Want To Be A Drone Pilot – Part 2


Photographers and cinematographers alike take time to set up the perfect shot. The lighting has to be just right, the subject needs to be in just the right place, and then…click! Onto the next shot. 

That’s not exactly how it works in the UAV industry. Quite the opposite, in fact. From the moment we leave the ground, our drones are capturing an elevated perspective. So what do we do for our photographic equivalent?

We take advantage of our time in the sky. 

Anytime you’re in the sky, you have the potential to grab an interesting, exciting, or otherwise noteworthy shot. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a construction monitoring job, flying an automated route or just practicing out in a field; once you’re up in the air, your “wow” potential has begun.

So, how do we take advantage of this?

By looking at our footage as both products and promotions. 

We’re in the business of imaging, and images are meant for an audience. Not every client is going to want their footage shared, and some will simply want all of the raw footage unedited for themselves. But for every second we’re in the sky, we’re capturing something of note that could catch the eye of other prospective clients.

Start brainstorming different applications for footage you’ve captured beyond cut-and-dry deliverables. With all of the extra footage you’ll have on your hard-drives, what could we throw together to share to both curious onlookers and prospective clients? Maybe your client would appreciate short video loops of your drone footage for social media? Maybe you’re creating a montage of your best work? Or perhaps a realtor would appreciate some free still photos with their footage?

These is a prime example of taking advantage of all of your time in the sky.

Video loops, stills, and other bite-sized footage you can muster from your time flying is primed to share on social media, your website, or even in an email blast or press release. 

Don’t send unused footage to the virtual graveyard.

Every shot is worth something.


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  • Catherine Caughlan on August 20, 2017

    Just found you. Interesting insights. I am a certified 107 pilot. Just starting out in the industry. Look forward to reading more of your articles.
    Happy flying!
    Catherine Caughlan

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