So You Want To Be A Drone Pilot – Part 1

So You Want To Be A Drone Pilot – Part 1

Here at BIRDSiVIDEO, we’re always looking for ways to evolve not just your industry, but ours as well. The success of UAV services depend on the quality, quantity, and maturity of drone pilots; both professionals and hobbyists.

To this end, our blog (hey, you found it!) will be sharing recent industry and BIRDSiVIDEO news, but most importantly, it will function as a learning tool for current and future drone pilots.

Our first word of advice? Color seasons are for more than fashionistas.


We’re in a visual industry, and the environment around us can be a crucial component to the success of our deliverables. Now, no infrared inspection is going to need blossoming trees and green grass, but most daytime inspections, monitoring projects, tourism promotions and general marketing videos make-or-break depending on the different seasons. This makes what we do best dependent upon taking advantage of the colors we have around us.

The variety of colors found during Spring, Summer and Fall offer drone pilots prime opportunities for capturing proof of concept footage, example jobs and other promotional possibilities that are more aesthetically inclined than other jobs in our profession.

For example, most marketing videos aren’t going to be shot during Winter thanks to the drab, dreary environment around your subject, but the starkness of Winter skies presents interesting inspection possibilities. 

Keep this in mind when planning where and when to concentrate your efforts. Texas might have better environmental opportunities in late Winter, but Summer is going to be tough when the grasses turn brown. It might be harder to capture ideal conditions in Colorado due to their propensity for extreme weather shifts, but come fall, the autumn colors and mountainous landscape are astounding.

Remember, these environmental parameters are only general notes to keep in mind with the seasonal changes. You can always do a realty shoot in winter or a cell phone tower in May, but hopefully the shifting vegetation and colors around you will help direct you to what direction to pursue before they’re in their prime.

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